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D.'s response to my remark below: "How do you know the river's not some sort of eddy itself? The leaf's moving; it could be quite happy where it is."


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I assume you've seen a stream where an eddy has formed off to the side, trapping a leaf, wch, though in constant movement, is impeded from moving downstream by the shuffle of water. Hey, look at me! I'm a leaf!
That being said, I shd note that there are three half-finished blog entries in my notebook wch need to be finished and transferred to the virtual world, and I've been meaning to write a little about poet William Bronk. It was a Bronk book, All of What We Loved, that I brought on the bus with me today, and there was a leaf pressed between the pages. It would be too neat and tidy to say that it was facing this poem, but you can believe that if you like.

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Immanuel Kant, my teacher said,
thought the human mind couldn't conceive of the all,
the universe, as finite or infinite:
by each idea the other is dissolved.

That's my memory of it, probably wrong.

Did he think a mind more adequate would do?
A limitation in those ideas themselves?

I need hardly dispute him either way.

-- William Bronk


Hey Critic! 

It's summer: blah... blah... blah. From under the sea of lassitude, a tiny voice (muffled) saying "you should write more. Say something. You haven't posted in weeks." But my all-purpose excuse / reply is simply "Sorry; can't be bothered. I'm busy. Reading Proust." Wch I, indeed, am. Finally. With a certain degree of lassitude, letting it take its time.
Anyhow, just read this bit in an interview with Richard Pryor from Monday's Guardian, and thought to pass it along:

Al Murray: What do you think of critics?

RP: I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, "I wanna grow up and be a critic."

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